About the Book

BRANTLEY ARMS is a World War 2 era novel that begins at America’s entry into the war in 1941 and ends two decades later. It is set primarily in Atlanta and the nearby rural countryside. Between the book’s covers, the reader will fly along in a B-17 bomber with its embattled crew and experience their gut-wrenching fear. He or she will witness personal triumphs and failures and feel the excitement of high-stakes business deals. The reader will be exhilarated from the passion and sink along with the characters to the depths of despair at the betrayal. Though BRANTLEY ARMS is a historical novel, it speaks to modern-day readers on many levels and reflects conflicts that are universal and timeless. Interwoven throughout is a powerful love story. Click here for the books teaser page.


Generations of Americans are moving farther and farther away from December 1941 through August 1945, and for many, those days, years, and months have little, if any, relevancy today. But so much was at stake then, not only for the U.S. but for the world. It was America’s bravest men, many only boys, who fought and died on foreign shores, on unpredictable seas, and flying high over alien lands, who secured our nation’s and the world’s freedom at unimaginable cost and sacrifice. Those brave airmen, soldiers, and sailors returned to a very different country than they left, and many found unexpected challenges awaiting them back home in a rapidly changing and expanding nation. My prayer is that America never forgets the victory these fighting men won at such high costs to themselves and their loved ones. Each and every life was a story that for many ended far too soon.

Ernie Pyle, a roving correspondent during most of World War 2 said so much in so few words about the dread and fear those heroes faced, when he wrote, “It was just that on some nights the air became sick and there was an unspoken contagion of spiritual dread, and we were little boys again, lost in the dark.”

And for those wives, mothers, and sweethearts back home, waiting, wondering, and praying, it was their strength and fortitude that helped hold the fabric of the nation together until their men returned home.

May we never…never forget.